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We live with God in Fellowship when we share life together in Christ. We strive to truly bear His image in generosity toward one another. We understand that the body of Christ is a family in which each member pursues the well-being of the other members by sharing all that God provides. We want to be together and to “preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”
(From the International Bible Church statement of purpose and values)

How It Works

Home Fellowship Groups meet twice per month and the meetings have three basic elements: Food, Discussion, and Sharing & Praying. The goal is to build relationships—to strengthen our fellowship and sense of community. Consequently, the discussion will be Bible-based, but it’s as much about getting to know each other as it is about learning Bible principles. As groups grow together, we expect that greater levels of sharing will occur, like family outings, taking a meal to someone who’s sick, etc. Groups are also free to add other activities the group expresses an interest in (a service project or outreach event, for example). Discussion guides are available in Papiamentu, Dutch, and English.

Current Groups

Home / LocationLeaderLanguage
Totoram & Felicia BaranTotoram BaranPapiamentu & English
Kees-Jan & Jacoline de KruijfKees-Jan de Kruijf Nederlands
Rianne van CappellenArie BoersNederlands & English
Note: This group focuses on people in their 20s, married or single
Ellen CochraneBrad Swanson
Francisco Zavala
Franklin & Gretta EvertsFranklin Everts
Janto Djamin
Papiamentu & English