Helping the Poor and Needy in Bonaire

FOOD BOX DISTRIBUTION  Many families in Bonaire are struggling to obtain basic necessities, and when resources run low, they have trouble having adequate food. Children go hungry. International Bible Church has a ministry of food (and clothing) distribution to help these people. Contributions of food for this purpose are welcome any time, and the second Sunday of each month is food-box Sunday. The congregation is especially encouraged to bring food donations for distribution to those in need on that day.

BONAIRE VISITORS AND TOURISTS — YOU CAN HELP!¬† At the end of your visit to the Island, do you have food left in the cabinet or refrigerator? Rather than send it to the land-fill, we’d like to provide it to a family in need.

Please bring your food (or clothing) donation to the church at Kaya Papago 104 (behind Bon Vida Spa and Bon Vida Apartments, just north of the circle in Hato; click here for a map). You should call the pastor at 780-2864 to be sure someone will be at the church to receive your donation.

DO YOU NEED HELP? OR DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE IN BONAIRE WHO NEEDS HELP?  Please click here to send us an email about the need. Be sure to include your name and a phone number where we can reach you.